Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Legend of the Corn

The Legend of the Corn

What strange red and golden seeds closely lined up in several rows, she wondered, and wept as she remembered her lover who died on this very spot, his blood watering the soil from which sprouted that unusual plant with the red seeds.

And what of the golden ones? She painfully remembers a young and handsome dying man, delirious in death, frantically repeating he wrapped into a dried banana leaf the golden necklaces, beads, bracelets, rings and earrings he stole from various graves.

She helped him escape from the guards. They were going to start a new life together. They were going to...

"If only that old woman hadn't seen him! If only our Chief had not sentenced him to die!" she wailed while clutching the tear-sodden ears of red and golden corn, as she rhythmically rocked back and forth behind her dead lover's silent hut, in the slowly yellowing dawn of Panay island. 

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